The WBCN Rock 'n' Roll Rumble, begun in 1979, is a Greater Boston "battle of the bands" competition co-sponsored by WBCN-FM and its local music show Boston Emissions. 

The Rumble in its current form begins in April with a week of preliminary rounds of 24 total bands, as selected by WBCN. The prelims take place on Sunday through Tuesday and Thursday through Saturday, with Wednesday as a "Day of Rest." Each night, four bands play a 30-minute set and are judged by a rotating selection of representatives from the Boston music industry. A winner is announced at the end of the night.

Each night's winner moves on to the semi-finals the following weekend, with two wildcard bands rounding out the top 8. The two semi-final winners are joined by one wildcard band for the final round the week after that. A special guest, often a national touring band or a previous Rumble winner, headlines the finals while the judges come to their final decision.

Prizes include cash, studio time, legal services, album production, bragging rights, and more.  




簡單來說, Rumble就是在波士頓的年度樂團比賽。比賽分多次進行,從最開始的24個團體一路到最後總決賽的三個團體。今年參賽團體有Other Participating Bands: The Acro-brats, The Autumn Hollow Band, The Blizzard of 78, Cradle to the Grave, Cult 45, Full Body Anchor, Keep Me Conscious, McAlister Drive, Static of the Gods, Stereo Telescope, Tijuana Sweetheart, Tired Old Bones, TRiPLE THiCK, A Wish For Fire, The Year Million。在眾多競爭者之中,Chen Chen的阿娜達, John Powhida, 打進決賽,怎麼說都要放棄每個星期五不打會死的排球去給他用力支持一下。決賽在決賽在位於central squarett the bear’s place進行,一個團體有半個小時。咱們四個女孩兒還幫其中一首歌上台伴舞。Nabe Party! Nabe Party!

整個晚上現場氣氛很HIGH!!很有在台灣看地團的感覺說。在比賽團體表演完之後,還特地請了The Shods ((1999RUMBLE冠軍)當特別來賓表演半個小時。薑是老的辣,The  shods的表演還有帶動台下觀眾的風格,非常的五月天

最後要恭喜John Powhida International Airport順利擊敗當天的Spirit Kid還有OldJack榮登寶座!



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